Interview with Ian Gorman

Who Hit John bassist Ian Gorman stopped by the Nonchalant Cafe for an interview Friday. The Kalamazoo-based American roots music ensemble recently released a new album called Heirloom. Gorman, who was involved in the recording of WHJ’s first full-length release Old Gray Road, has since joined the band full-time. Gorman discusses the making-of the record and what the band is up to these days.


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May Erlewine Interview

May Erlewine’s new album “Love Labor” is the lastest breath of fresh air from one of Michigan’s most prolific songwriters. “Love Labor”, a follow-up album to Erlewine’s “Mother Moon” release, features a cast of talented musicians and friends crafting a vision filled with love, spirit, and environmental stewardship. The album is also a reflection of an enduring devotion to folk music and the role of a folk musician in these troubled times.

In a phone conversation ahead of a venture into Kalamazoo for a show at Bells Eccentric Cafe, Erlewine discusses the creation of “Love Labor” and her recent experiences in Mexico and Belize among other insights from a truly evolving artist.

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