Steven Davy

I joined WBUR in 2021 to become the senior producer for WBUR CitySpace.

Before coming to the station I was the multimedia editor for The World, a co-production of GBH and PRX where I was responsible for the visual direction of The World’s daily online presence along. I also developed, wrote and edited The World’s daily newsletter, Top of The World. And, I was the founding producer for the live journalism series Coronavirus Conversations from The World and GBH presented in partnership with Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Back in graduate school I developed a site called Exploring Conversations. It was an experiment in multimedia digital journalism exploring the language of music (I’ve archived the audio pieces on SoundCloud here). I’ve also taught graduate and undergraduate students in social media and digital news reporting at Michigan State University.

Additionally, I was a regular contributor to PBS MediaShift where I wrote about the evolving intersection of politics and technology.

From 2002-2010 I hosted The Nonchalant Café, a radio news magazine at WIDR FM in Kalamazoo, MI. I’ve also worked as a news director in commercial radio.

From 2007-10 I regularly reported for United Press International covering defense procurement and other security industry related stories. I also covered emerging security threats around the world including terrorism and militant aggression.

In December 2009 I completed my graduate degree at Michigan State University’s School of Journalism following a successful defense of my thesis project. During my time at MSU I conducted research on news media bias, news media framing, censorship during war, urban revitalization, renewable energy and climate change.

Email: stevenrdavy AT gmail DOT com

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