Thursday Emerging Threats

From my Emerging Threats beat. Click on headlines to read stories I filed under the UPI byline.

UNITED NATIONS, April 30 (UPI) — The head of the United Nations is calling on the international community to strengthen efforts to prevent terrorists from obtaining chemical weapons.

VIENNA, April 30 (UPI) — The tension between Georgia and its South Ossetia separatist region needs additional monitoring, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe says.

VIENNA, April 30 (UPI) — Romania’s foreign minister Thursday called the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe a critical institution for future security in the region.

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, April 30 (UPI) — The International Committee of the Red Cross said Thursday more needs to be done to help thousands of civilians trapped in the northern Sri Lankan conflict.

VIENNA, April 30 (UPI) — The United Nations announced Thursday it plans to hold a peacekeeping training course in Austria to support ongoing missions around the world.


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