Tuesday Emerging Threats

From my UPI Emerging Threats beat. Click on headlines to read stories.

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, Feb. 10 (UPI) — British Royal Marines uncovered a major stockpile of weapons during a recent raid on a suspected Taliban compound in Afghanistan’s volatile Kandahar province.

GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany, Feb. 10 (UPI) — The head of the U.S. National Guard said strengthening multinational military partnerships is critical to preventing future calamities.

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, Feb. 10 (UPI) — The International Committee of the Red Cross is calling on the Sri Lankan government and rebel leaders to adhere to international laws on protecting civilians.

EL FASHER, Sudan, Feb. 10 (UPI) — A peacekeeping helicopter operated by the United Nations was fired at Monday by militants in Sudan as the renewed conflict in northern Darfur intensifies.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 10 (UPI) — The high-security nuclear material at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California has been reduced to less than half of its original supply.

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